The Sexual Contract: 30 years on

Professor Carole Pateman (UCLA). Keynote Speaker, Day 1.

10th-11th May 2018, Cardiff School of Law and Politics.

Marking 30 years since the publication of The Sexual Contract. The conference is a unique opportunity to celebrate this feminist masterpiece, engage with its author Professor Carole Pateman and hear her keynote address.

Professor Joan Tronto (University of Minnesota). Keynote Speaker, Day 2

We are joined too by Professor Joan Tronto, her keynote address on day 2 will interrogate the relation of care ethics to contract. 

Plenaries and discussion panels feature exciting new scholarship by academics inspired by The Sexual Contract from US, UK, Australia, EU and CanadaAcademic presentations will develop new understandings of the contemporary contractual dynamics of employment, marriage, prostitution, surrogacy and other forms of contract.

The Sexual Contract is a book which was written to be read as a whole.  Similarly, this conference is organised so as to be experienced as a whole. All attendees can engage with all presentations and the evening meal on 10th May provides an important opportunity for socialising and community-building. Conference fee £25.

The conference is supported by Feminist Legal Studies and funded by the Cardiff Centre of Law and Society.Law & Gender profileProgra~1_Albany_eCONNECT_template_Cardiff (1)

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The conference organisers, together with Carole Pateman, have an article recently published in Feminist Legal Studies which explores The Sexual Contract 30 years on.  It is available as a free download here

Conference programme includes:

Day 1 Keynote address: Professor Carole Pateman (UCLA)

Panel 1: The marriage contract

Dr Kate Galloway (Bond Uni.)

Luke Taylor (Uni. of Toronto)

Dr Sharon Thompson (Cardiff Uni.)

Plenary 1: Motherhood and The Paid Labour of Care 

Dr Petra Bueskens (Uni. of Melbourne) and Dr Lydia Hayes (Cardiff Uni.)

Panel 2: The employment contract

Professor Emily Grabham (Uni of Kent)

Catherine Weiss (RMIT)

Day 2 Keynote address: Professor Joan Tronto (Uni. of Minnesota)

Panel 3: The Prostitution Contract

Dr Natasha Carver (Cardiff Uni.)

Dr Katie Cruz (Uni. of Bristol)

Panel 4: The Surrogacy Contract

Dr Alan Brown (Abertay Uni.)

Dr Sheela Saravanan (Uni. of Göttingen)

Panel 5: Wider applications of The Sexual Contract

Dr Anicee Van Engeland (Cranfield Uni.)

Dr Dania Thomas (Uni. of Glasgow)

Dr Audrey Reeves (Cardiff Uni.)

Plenary 2: The Touching Contract

Máiréad Enright (University of Birmingham) and Sarah Browne (UCD).

There is a conference fee of £25, which includes lunch and refreshments on 10th and 11th May as well as an evening meal on 10th May.

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